Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roasted Beet-Tofu Burgers

I made SusanV's Roasted Beet-Tofu Burgers a while back and I froze a bunch of them to keep in my freezer. I love that they are lower calorie on those days where I maybe indulged a little bit too much earlier in the day. I have just been defrosting them in the microwave for about a minute, then nuking until warm, and slapping it between a TJ's sandwich thin. It's so PINK - it looks so unlike any other veggie burger I've had.

I had mine with veganaise, ketchup, mustard, romaine, tomato slice, and tofutti cheese. Pickles too.. (they went first!)


  1. It's hard to find a good veggie burger recipe! This one sounds really good. I'm a total beet addict.

  2. I've given this one a go and it's pretty tasty. I also put mine in the freezer and defrosted and baked as needed. In an unhealthy moment I stupidly threw one in the deep fryer - argh! it disintegrated. Best kept for healthy reheating ;)


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